Light is a Necessity

It is essential for everyone.One of the most important factors that may affect your home environment is indoor lighting. It can motivate your daily life in a different aspect. The lighting of your home or office can turn into an overwhelming and exciting assignment. It is much appreciative to give the important light and set the best possible disposition and atmosphere of the home or office space. And each room should be managed in a special way. Even others would hire architects who can help them settle and design their areas for the most stylish and artistic lighting layout, hues, shapes and plans.

Varieties to Consider

Al Salhiya Lighting offers over 9,000 references from over high brands which encompasses all kinds of design philosophies and utilities in lighting. There are so many types of lights that we can choose from to express ourselves and to entice others to stay longer with us. You can express yourself through the lights that you have chosen. May it be a Hanging Lights, Modern Lights, Chandeliers, Pendant Lights often used in multiples, hung in a straight line over a meeting room, or at home in your living rooms, kitchen counter-tops and dinette sets or sometimes in bathrooms. Or you may also have a simple Table Lamps, Floor Lamps to add access and brightness on your room space. Other options like Wall Lights, Ceiling Lights, Mirror and Picture Lights, Kitchen Lights, Track Lighting, Down Lights, Recessed Lighting and Strip Lights are also available.

We also offer personalized consultation from our Lighting Specialists to select the best choices that will match your needs. What are you waiting for? Shop now at and let your light shine!