Flood Lights

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Sense of Safety

Add a sense of safety to your home with this outdoor flood light. Using floodlights in your garden will simply wash out the effects of any other lighting, however, they can be used in a similar fashion to spotlights when positioned at ground level. Floodlights emit a very wide beam of bright light and are usually used as security lights If you have a large tree or wall that you want to light up, a floodlight at the base of the feature might be more effective than a spotlight, due to the higher light output.

Options to Choose

At Al Salhiya Lighting there are plenty of Flood Light options that you can choose from according to your requirement. You have to know and to consider the length of the tree or the building, a tree or the poster that you wanted to highlight. To know what is the best offer that we have that suits your need, please do not hesitate to call or ping us on WhatsApp for assistance! Happy online shopping at magento-1272735-4596493.cloudwaysapps.com!